My Favorite Dorito Flavors, and Why

  • by Gitabushi

I was going to rank every Doritos flavor, and then I found out someone already did.

That article also made me realize I haven’t even seen every Dorito flavor, much less tried every one of them. Side note: there are way too many Dorito flavors. (Seriously, Doritos? Golden Peking Duck flavor???)

The thing is, I don’t agree with the rankings. But I haven’t come close to trying an exhaustive list.

photo of smiling woman sitting in the middle of shopping aisle holding dorito chips
Photo by Edu Carvalho on

The solution? Just tell you what I like.

  1. Cool Ranch. This is simply the best flavor. When I was young, all they had was the plain/salted flavor. They added Taco, which I liked quite a bit. Then Nacho Cheese, which was, of course, a hit. But after Cool Ranch came out, it was the ultimate. My favorite comfort food.
  2. Poppin’ Jalapeno. I don’t usually like jalapeno flavored snacks. They try to be spicy, and jalapenos really aren’t that spicy, so they just end up being bitter in a way I don’t like.  But not these. Not really spicy at all, it is more zingy. But good flavor.  Really, almost like a zingy Nacho Cheese.
  3. Spicy Nacho.  Spicier than the Poppin’ Jalapeno, and actually less Nacho Cheese flavor than it, too.  Still good. The spice can sometimes build up to the point where it actually feels spicy, but there is simply a good flavor to it, as well.
  4. Taco. I am giving this an honorary spot, simply because my memories of the flavor are good. I don’t think I’ve had any in maybe close to 40 years.  It simply wasn’t available very much (or at all for most of my life) after Nacho Cheese came out.
  5. Nacho Cheese. It’s okay. Nothing wrong with the Nacho Cheese flavor, but I’m extremely bored of it.  Too much powdered cheese flavor, overpowers the corn chip flavor too much.  But I’d still choose it over a plain corn chip like Tostitos or something.
  6. Jacked Ranch-Dipped Hot Wing. Not good. Would not buy again. Would eat plain tortilla chips before I ate these.
  7. Spicy Sweet Chili. Blech. We are in “bad” territory now. Chips should not have a sweet element, and the spicy isn’t enough to rescue this mes..
  8. Dinamita Fiery Habanero, Dinamita Chile Limon, Blaze, and probably Flamas, tie. All equally bad. I particularly hate the rolled Doritos, they end up actually difficult to crunch. The fire of the spiciness is fine, but the underlying flavor is gross. And adding a “lime” flavor to cut the spice just doesn’t work. These all suck. I mean, I’m not sure I’ve tried the Flamas or not (I think I did, once), but the little lime on the package tells me it is probably just like the atrocious Chile Limon nonsense flavor. Do not want.

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