Things I *REALLY* Like

  • by Gitabushi

The things we like form a significant part of our identity, no?

There are some things I *really* like.  I would love to talk about them much more than I get the opportunity to. In no special order, here are some things I like:

Early Night Ranger, early Loudness, Survivor, Styx, Chinese pop/rock from 1995 – 2002.

TV Shows:
Chuck, Flash Forward

Groundhog Day, Star Wars, Beastmaster, the Princess Bride, Orcs!*

Cyteen, Agyar, The Last Coin, Tunnel in the Sky, Silverlock, Jumper, the Integral Trees

Terry Pratchett, Steven Brust, Donald Hamilton (Matt Helm), Lee Child (Reacher), CJ Cherryh, early Lois McMasters-Bujold, early Heinlein

Jagged Alliance 2, the Sword of Aragon.

Mazda, Fried Chicken, Cool Ranch Doritos, Black Butte Porter, Yellowstone Park, East Rosebud Lake Valley & Beartooth Wilderness


What does this say about me to you?  What are your favorites?



*this wouldn’t be in the Things I Like list, except for the visceral hatred for the movie I’ve seen.  It wasn’t that good,no, but it wasn’t *that* bad, so I have to include it

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