A beginning is a delicate time. The most delicate and so special. To begin your study of the life of the Emperor, then, take care that you first place him in his time: born in the 1946th year of the Christ-God, Jesus I. And take the most special care that you locate the Emperor in his place: the Union of States. Do not be deceived by the fact that he was born in the province of New York and lived his first seventy years there. Washington DC, the place now known as Dume, is forever his place.

– from “Manual of the Emperor” by the Princess Ivanulan




Overwrought Think-Piece O’ the Day

  • by Gitabushi

Progressive ideology. Political power shifts. Societal pendulums. Global Warming. Defeating Evil.

What do these things have in common, besides the letter “l”?

All these different issues cannot be discussed rationally without accurately identifying and applying feedback loops.

For instance, in the case of Global Warming Climate Change, the theory is that the increase in carbon dioxide from human activity is driving the Earth’s temperature spiraling upward. However, the only way this can be true is if factors influencing or controlling the earth’s temperature are, in total, a positive feedback loop. Meaning, the various elements snowball, so the more carbon gets into the atmosphere, the easier it is for carbon to get into the atmosphere in the future.

However, to make this argument, one has to be aware of several negative feedback loops, such as the logarithmic nature of carbon’s impact (the more carbon is in the atmosphere, the smaller effect any given unit of carbon has) and the likelihood that increased carbon in the atmosphere encourages plant growth that has a cooling effect.  Meaning, there are certainly elements that tend to resist change, that absorb changes into a cycle that brings temperature back to equilibrium.  The fact that the world has had both extreme temperatures during different ages, yet keeps within a relatively small, stable range, indicates that negative feedback loops are more powerful than the positive feedback loops in our global climate system.

Regarding defeating evil, the one thing I remember from the 1st Chronicles of Thomas Covenant, Unbeliever is that evil can never be fully defeated. Individual incarnations of evil can be defeated, but since some measure of evil exists in every single human being, evil will always return.


Setting aside the notion of evil, that’s why it is so difficult for there to be a permanent one-party rule in the United States.  One significant negative feedback loop is the election interests of individual politicians.  If one party succeeded in complete domination of the political scene, the powerless party would dissolve and the in-power party would split in order for individual politicians to seek power by championing the interests of a minority.  Party overreach usually means that it never even gets to that point.  The Democrats were hailing their permanent majority just 8 years ago.  Now they almost lack the power to stop Constitutional Amendments.

Progressive Ideology assumes a social Positive Feedback Loop, in which human society inevitably progresses toward their assumed and preferred utopia of human enlightenment.

As a fan of science fiction, I have imagined what an Individual Rights Society might look like (call it Conservative, or Libertarian, if you with…neither seem to be fully appropriate terms), but even in my imagination, it is impossible to sustain.  Human nature is too obvious: there will always be people who see their advantage in claiming group rights over individual rights, and there will always be people eager to dictate groups rights to the exclusion of individual rights.

But is the reverse true?

Consider this tweet:

I think she’s 100% correct. However, the problem is that even after the precedent is set, it isn’t a precedent the GOP can use in retaliation against the Democrats.  This is because there simply is no GOP-leaning senior bureaucrat population.  The federal bureaucracy mostly embraces the Progressive mindset.  Where it doesn’t, it correctly sees the Democrat Party as more supportive of the unelected bureaucracy’s power.

As a result, where there should be a negative feedback loop that acts as a check on Progressive overreach, I fear that Democrats (and/or Progressives, and/or Leftists…there’s a huge overlap, but not complete) have metastasized in government to the point that they can enforce a positive feedback loop for their preferred policies.

Maybe not.  The Deep State’s attack on the US Constitution is out in the open now, and the GOP does have an unprecedented advantageous position to begin dismantling it, just like Walker is doing in Wisconsin.

However, let me clarify what I mean by the Left enforcing a positive feedback loop.

Normally, overreach results in the pendulum swinging back, as individuals exercise their political and social rights to disagree and oppose.  But the nature of Leftist ideology is to embrace and empower group rights, not individual rights.  They control education, so they can teach you the history and values they want you to have.  They control entertainment, so they can craft narratives in which the Progressive ideology always turns out to be correct. They control the news, so they can make it seem like the GOP following Democrat precedents is an outrageous, unprecedented scandal.  They control the federal bureaucracy, so they can pick and choose which of the millions of pages of regulations to enforce to punish individuals for opposing their agenda.  They can make the process be the punishment so that you can’t even fight back against things like EPA overreach without bankrupting yourself.  They control the judiciary (mostly), so they can re-legislate and nullify laws they don’t like (up to and including declaring a Constitutional Amendment to be Unconstitutional).  They can allow non-citizens to flood the nation to outnumber citizens and get representation and federal funding based on illegal aliens.  They can channel taxpayer money to Progressive organizations like Planned Parenthood, and get money back from Planned Parenthood to fund Democrat politicians.  And they can use all these various institutions to move the Overton Window to make it impossible to even talk about alternatives to their vision.

If Hillary Clinton had been elected, there would have been significant erosion of 1A and 2A rights.  So we dodged a bullet there.

But even with Donald Trump duly winning the election, even with the GOP controlling Congress, controlling approximately 2/3 of the governorships, controlling a majority of state legislatures, and conservatives about to control the Supreme Court, we find ourselves on the defense from the Deep State attempting to sabotage the Trump Administration.

The battle is in the open now, but despite it being open, I’m not at all certain the GOP can win.  Too many people would rather be right about Trump than protect the normal order of Constitutional governance.

If we lose this, we won’t lose our rights immediately.  But it will be a slow erosion.  Some negative feedback elements do still exist to slow, and sometimes even turn back, the growth of the Leviathan State.  But if the Deep State wins, expect to see more and more of the negative feedback loop mechanisms dismantled.

My bottom line: sure, a Trump administration is going to be a shit-show. It will be clumsy. It will make mistakes. But the more conservatives pile on, the easier it will be for the Deep State to win in their battle against the POTUS, and we’ll all be the worse off for it.

The Deep State has declared war on the rightfully-elected President of the United States.  By choosing to go to war against the President of the United States, the Deep State has declared war on the US Constitution.  You have to choose a side. There’s gotta be away you can defend the Office of the Presidency without defending Trump the man himself. Find it.


Have a Great #MAGA Day

I have lots of wide-ranging thoughts this morning, since Trump won the Presidency.

Now that he’s won, it doesn’t feel that bad, actually.

I still think a Constitutionalist would have been better, and I still think we need a Constitutionalist. On the other hand, the GOPe would still have joined with Democrats to oppose a President Cruz, and a President Rubio would have given up the United States to colonization in return for short-term power. With President Trump, the GOPe was weakened and damaged.  Maybe they’ll learn they need to put constituent priorities ahead of their own again?  Maybe not, but the point is, maybe we needed a populist first, so we can have a more effective Constitutionalist.  Meaning, it will be helpful to President Mike Lee (or maybe still Cruz, who knows) to break the Elitist conspiracy against conservatives first, so that there will be less resistance to the shift back to Constitutional governance.

I’m not exactly happy Trump won.

However, as a former Federal Records custodian, I’m gratified that someone who deliberately broke Federal Records laws in order to conceal her corrupt actions from the citizenry will not have authority over the FBI that will investigate her, nor over the DoJ that should prosecute her.

As an Intelligence Professional, I’m pleased that someone whose greed and short-sighted ambition led her to use methods that disclosed mountains of vital National Secrets to our enemies will not be the top Classification Authority, and will not be the Executive who prosecutes other disclosures (whether inadvertent or deliberate). She had no credibility or moral authority whatsoever to be in charge of our national Intelligence apparatus.

And as a patriot, I’m thrilled that someone who sold the power of her office, particularly the National Power of our foreign diplomacy, for crass material gain and profit to her cronies, will not be President. I truly consider her actions as Secretary of State to be treason. I find it unlikely she will ever be tried for such, but she should be, and the evidence is sufficient that she should be found guilty.  The damage she has done to the US foreign policy will take decades to recover, if ever. The damage she has done to the integrity of our institutions will take decades to recover, if ever.  Yes, Obama was part and parcel of that damage, as well, but the MSM has made sure their Lord and Savior was untouchable.  They tried to pass that invulnerability to Hillary Clinton, but failed.  The life of the Nation has a chance to survive, now.

I hope the GOP and/or Donald Trump enthusiastically investigates and prosecutes vote fraud.  I have to admit I’m a little surprised Clinton didn’t have enough fraudulent votes lined up to give her the win.  I half-believed Trump was correct when he said the election was rigged in her favor. The Project Veritas revelations and the Wikileaks revelations made it clear she was doing everything she could to cheat. The MSM was doing everything they could to not notice fraud and cover up any leaks of it.  Heck, we know the dead voted in large numbers in Chicago in 1960 and may well have given the election to JFK.  Since election identity laws have only weakened since then, and since the development of big data facilitates the effectiveness of targeted vote fraud, why would the Democrats stop what worked once?

For the future of our nation, one of the first things Trump needs to do with the GOP Congress is clean up our voting processes to prevent fraud.

I have no real hope that Trump will be another Reagan. I fully expect that we will see fumbles and unforced errors in diplomacy, military endeavors, foreign policy in general, in economic leadership, in immigration policy (where I expect Trump to flip and allow amnesty while doing little to enforce existing immigration laws or stop the flow of illegal aliens), etc.  I fully expect we won’t see any move to shrink the size or power of the Federal Government under Trump.  However, just the fact that neither Obama nor Clinton chooses Scalia’s replacements is a clear and unambiguous win.  At the risk of seeming ghoulish, President Trump could also end up with the opportunity to appoint as many as 3 more SCOTUS Justices.  It helps that the GOP has retained control of the Senate, and that they will expand their control of the Senate in 2018.  Sure, it would be far better if President Cruz were making those nominations, but if Trump listens to good advisors on this issue, the US will benefit from the President making these nominations not being a corrupt Leftist Democrat like Hillary Clinton.

I have no idea what to think about the 2020 POTUS election now. I originally thought no matter who won, Cruz should challenge in 2020.  I actually flirted with the idea of supporting Hillary on the grounds that Cruz would have a better chance of winning after four years of Hillary corruption and incompetence than trying to challenge the Trump Cult of Personality.  Of course, it will depend on how the next 4 years go, but Cruz might benefit from being seen as opposing President Trump at times as a leader in the Senate, then running in 2024 as either a marked change from Trump’s version of the GOP (if Trump wins re-election) or against a weak Democrat (since they have no bench) who only won in 2024 because Trump failed in these next 4 years.  Cruz would still be quite young in eight years, and should have additional legislative victories he can point to. Or he could even run for governor in Texas and time it to have enough experience to run for POTUS in 2024.

But now I don’t know.  Maybe Cruz’ chance to be POTUS is past.  The GOP has a deep bench, and there are others who can carry the Constitutional standard as easily as Cruz, and maybe more effectively.  4 years is an eternity in politics, 8 years is impossible to predict.

I have little hope the Trump supporters will be gracious winners. I am concerned that they will seek retribution on any/all NeverTrump individuals instead of focusing on the persuadable Centrists and defeating the Leftist agenda.  I’m concerned that actual Constitutionalist conservatives who were targeted by Federal Powers for opposing Obama will still be targeted by Federal Powers, but for being insufficiently enthusiastic in support of Trump.

I said a few times I was more on Team Not My Circus, Not My Monkeys than I was on Team Never Trump.  But now the meaning “Never Trump” has changed for me.  I voted for Trump, and I will likely vote for him again 2020, but I’m Never Trump in that I will never bow to him.  He is not even close to being one who can save America, and I object to what seems like an impulse to deify him the way Leftists deified Obama.  Trump will not Make America Great Again.  The best he could do is stay out of the way and reduce Federal Government impedance to hard-working citizens making America great again, but I don’t think Trump is constitutionally capable of being that hands-off. He wants to use Federal Government power, and his supporters seem eager to have him use Federal Government power to push their preferred outcomes.  If he does, however, I am convinced it will make things worse.

Finally, #MAGA is now an adjective to me.  It can be used as a synonym for “great” or “awesome”, but will be used more often as a synonym for the sarcastic version of those, and will be used most often as an adjective for “f**k’n” and/or “f**k”.

MAGA My Brothers! To Arms! For the Golden Haired Emperor!

Sit my child. Listen to my song!
There were many tribes before the Great War.
The gawkerites, destroyed by the hulkules,
the chipotle plague bearers,
The millennials, forever in their quest for the promised land of safe space.
More tribes than can be counted.
It could not last.
The cuckening and its followers were coming.
The followers of the way of the golden hair knew this.
We knew this.
Others…did not
Many challengers arose against the golden hair.
All fell in the end.
MAGA was the truth.
MAGA was the way.
MAGA was fate.
“Our morals! Our values” they cried.
Cries cut short by the blades of the red-hatted legions.
“MAGA!” Our forefathers cried in triumph!
One by one they kneeled before the God -Emperor.
The elephant itself took on the mantle of MAGA and served our master
Our Emperor, The One
The way of the golden hair, the book of MAGA would be brought to all corners of the world. ‘Sad!’ we would call to those who resisted.
Sad they were.
To be pitied, and then destroyed.
They knew not of the truth, of safety in the hands of gold with fingers of perfect length.
We know though, don’t we my child?
We have heard the song of Saint Milo and his victory over Ben, Shaper of Evil Rose.
We have sung.
Sung the ballad of Lord Hannity.
The only servant to look upon the orange visage and not be burned by its glory.
We shall believe.
We shall know.
We shall remain vigilant.
The cuckening will return.
We will be ready.
Eternal is our watch.
We shall all be one at the tend of time.
The golden throne on the fields of Trumparadise will shine forever.


In Defense of NeverTrump

Not a post I particularly wanted to write, but I feel compelled by recent Twitter conversations happening in my timeline, mostly prompted by political blogger Ace of Spades. He’s been pretty frustrated with NeverTrump lately.

This could wind up being a lengthy post, so I’ll try to break it up a little and address a number of related points I’ve been mulling lately.

What’s in a hashtag?

First I’d like to start with a few words on the nature of NeverTrump. Steven Crowder, of whom I’m a fan, sometimes speaks derisively of the group on his shows. On one point I agree with him – the hashtag is asinine. Remember this?


We gave Michelle Obama and the left a lot of shit for this, because it was dumb. Hashtags are great organizational tools, but they are pretty useless otherwise. That’s why I’ve never adopted #NeverTrump, myself. It’s like a car bumper sticker – not going to convince anyone and you might find yourself keyed by some nutjob.

That said I think, what Steven Crowder fails to realize is that NeverTrump is a loose association of like-minded folk, perhaps comparable to GamerGate. Sure, there are obnoxious NeverTrumpers. These include the people who are 100% never, ever voting for Trump, even if he were running against the literal reincarnated Hitler. They include the people who are going to cross over to vote for Hillary, which I personally find disgusting. But they also include people like Ben Shapiro, who say that they plan on acting based on the current conditions in the field, and can’t speak to all hypothetical situations. In other words, no, not all of us are 100% NeverTrump. Some of us are like 98%, but it’s still easier to identify with the larger group.

Surrendering to Trump to beat Hillary

There are a number of prominent conservatives who fought Trump in the primary but are now biting the bullet and falling in line. Dennis Prager, Ace, and Jazz Shaw of Hot Air are three that come to mind right away. The chief argument is that Hillary Clinton is the worst thing that can happen to this country and Donald Trump can’t be any worse. So all aboard the Trump Train, ladies and gentleman.

Now I line up with a lot of Ben Shapiro’s rationale for being NeverTrump, so I’m going to throw out some ideas that he’s also talked about on his show. Excuse the repetition if you’ve already heard this stuff.

Principled opposition

For the rest of this post, I’m going to be referring to two sides – the NeverTrumpers and the reluctant Trumpers. I think the latter group would perhaps call themselves NeverHillary, and I’ve got no problem with that insofar as it can be applied to anyone who strongly opposes her. What I do reject is the premise that NeverTrump and NeverHillary are opposite sides. You can, in fact, be both by voting for neither.

I’m not going to talk much about actual Trump fans here, because that’s a whole different conversation.

So as far as NeverTrump and ReluctantlyTrump, let’s say upfront that there are shit throwers on both sides. There are trolls, ideologues, and idiots on both sides. But I’m convinced that there are also honest, intelligent conservatives on both sides as well.

I totally get the arguments for lining up behind Trump now that he’s the Republican nominee. And I respect the decision to grudgingly vote for a guy that many of you consider to be a scumbag in order to stop a women many of us consider to be only a degree or two removed from the anti-Christ.

People far more intelligent and with much larger microphones than I have attempted to lay out the principled nature of NeverTrump. Still, I’ll do my best to articulate my own feelings on the matter.

Giving your vote to Kudos or Kang

It’s kind of amazing to me that the Kudos/Kang story hasn’t gotten more traction on social media. Maybe the comparison is too obvious? We do indeed operate under a two party system, but our choice is not binary. Protest votes and 3rd party votes are valid, legal, and sometimes moral decisions. And if you say that my protest vote is meaningless, why does my vote carry any more meaning if I cast it for Trump? 1 vote = 1 vote.

  Math is hard

The thing is, each of us is responsible for our own vote. None of us owe our votes to any individual party or candidate. This is why I find the “failing to vote for Trump equals a vote for Hillary” argument to be a vacuous one, despite being repeated by some very smart people.

The argument depends upon the assumption that I am a reliable, pre-banked Republican vote. In effectively withdrawing said vote, I am deducting 1 point from Trump.

First off, this idea is predicated on the same flawed thinking that says “Republicans rejected the president’s proposed IRS budget increase of $50m; Republicans took $50m away from the IRS” or “Republicans rejected the proposed tax increase, depriving the government of $1b.” Nope. The money wasn’t banked; not Congress’ fault if the president or the IRS assumed the money would be rubberstamped. Also it’s not the government’s money, it’s our money.

Also that money is not necessarily spent elsewhere. Perhaps it’s just not spent. In not voting for Trump, I am most certainly not adding 1 point to Hillary’s tally. I don’t owe anyone my vote.

  But we have to be realistic

Let’s for a moment accept the idea that our protest votes hold no meaning and are just virtue signaling (despite the fact that plenty of us don’t advertise who we plan to vote for). Does that mean that there’s no need for conservative resistance to Trump? Au contraire.


How do we hold Trump accountable? How do we persuade him that he needs to continue to pander to conservatives? He began pivoting left before the primaries were even over.

Trump has already said he doesn’t need to consolidate all of the traditional Republican voters, and that may be true. But the fact that there are gettable votes for him is something he will need to consider.

We have no stick anymore. The primary voters in their infinite wisdom have selected Mr. Trump, and he doesn’t care to try and woo back parts of the base he’s bitterly alienated. Some will coalesce around him because they hate Hillary, and the others…meh. But as the general gets closer, he may have to reconsider. Does he want to take another shot at the conservatives who have written him off? We know this is a guy who respects leverage.

If you declare your support for him now and essentially say you hate Hillary so much that there’s not really anything he can do to lose your vote, well. Don’t be surprised when he gets shitter and more leftist by degrees to pull votes from the Bernie fans.

The ReluctantlyTrump folk calculate that by uniting under Trump, we will defeat Hillary, the ultimate evil in this race. The NeverTrump folk calculate that (a) we need to pressure him from the right to keep him from drifting too far left and (b) Trump is a gamble who may be worse than Hillary. Both are honest yet differing calculations.

Which brings me to…

  Choose the form of the Destructor!

Even if you believe NeverTrump is foolish and naive, there is something to be said for fighting. This is perhaps the one thing I like about Trump, ironically – that he really takes it to his opponents (even if I hate his dishonesty in doing so at times).

Maybe because of the topical SJW outrage, Ghostbusters comes to mind.


In the climactic, iconic end scene with the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, the guys are facing off against Gozer and are ordered to choose the form that their doom will take. There is no avoiding it. Some forms may be worse than others or end the world more quickly. One way or another, it’s happening. You get the idea.

And yet, for a moment the Ghostbusters resist. They try not to picture anything, in effect rejecting the choice. Of course we all know this fails when Ray thinks of Mr. Stay Puft. But was the idea wrong? Was it unrealistic and dumb, or even unprincipled for the Ghostbusters to refuse to choose? They could have tried to think of a less bad Destructor, I guess?

Owning it

It’s not easy to reject the party you’ve identified with your entire adult life. It’s not easy to find that conservativism doesn’t matter to the GOP as much as you thought. Even other conservatives are saying “Suck it up and get on board with these people who openly mock conservatism.”

But I’m sure it’s also not easy to line up behind a guy you think to be a lying scumlord. And this is part of the problem. Human beings suck at being objective and tend toward tribalism. Adam Baldwin tweeted out above that we need to support Trump now while holding him accountable.

How realistic is it that this is what will happen? Once Trump becomes your guy, you’re going to want to defend him. You may cringe at some of what he does, but most of us tend to look the other way when it’s our team committing fouls. And what are you going to do to hold him accountable? Not vote for him? THEN HILLARY WINS! This is another reason why I don’t think backing Trump is the way to go. The temptation to sell out and make light of his scuminess is just too great. Nevermind the damage to the conservative brand.

When it comes down to it, if Trump loses, some people will blame NeverTrump. If he wins, some people will marginalize us and say our brand of conservatism is not needed in the GOP anymore. You’re free to think what you want. But just try to remember that there are people of good faith and good character on both sides of the issue.



This is fine

There’s a comic out there in the internet ether that’s been floating around for a while, and I think is fitting for today:


So Trump is our GOP nominee. Kasich hasn’t officially dropped out yet, but meh. I did see a Kasich-related tweet last night that at least gave me a chuckle amid the gnashing of teeth and shredding of garments.

Damn that Mario Party. What a bullshit game.

At any rate, now is the time for me to throw up my hands and utter that banal refrain: I didn’t leave the GOP, the GOP left me.

I’ve already attempted to change my party affiliation, but apparently my state’s voter registration is closed for a little while. So I’ll be changing to the big (I) when it reopens. In and of itself, that won’t mean anything to anyone. I do hope Trump’s nomination spurs a notable amount of defections from the Republican party, though. It won’t be a large amount, but enough to make a statement would provide some mote of satisfaction.

There are prominent conservative thought leaders like Dennis Prager who intensely dislike Trump, but have proclaimed they will support him over Hillary. Now that he’s the nominee, they get the honor of hoisting that banner. For me, it’s not a binary choice and it’s my loyalty to conservatism over my loyalty to the GOP. I’ll vote for a third party before I vote for a liberal crony capitalist. And when the choice is between two NY liberals, it’s a false one.


Along with the likes of Ben Shapiro, George Will, Glenn Beck, and many other conservatives of large and small renown, I will not vote for Trump. There are all sorts of arguments to be made about morality, the strategic importance of protecting conservatism, etc. I accept and agree with a lot of that stuff. For me it mostly boils down to that fact that I think Trump is a thuggish, lying scumbag, and I wouldn’t vote for him if he had a (D) next to his name. Him co-opting the Republican party shouldn’t change that. He is statist, protectionist, isolationist, and probably pro-choice.

Besides, the smarmy, smug, Trump-supporting alt-right holds nothing but disdain for conservatives. Just look at the fight going on between Milo Yiannopolos (whom I used to admire) and Ben Shapiro.


These people proclaim they don’t need conservatives; that we had our chance and that we’ve been run over by the Trump Train. In the same breath they tell us to get on board. Um, no. In what (democratic) world do you bully and browbeat someone, and then ask them to join you and support your guy? “Fuck you, now please give us your vote.”

Trump is your guy. If you think he’s bringing in so many new voters and attracting Democrats across the aisle, you can win with him and then kudos to you. If he wins, we’ll see if he’s as bad as I think he’ll be. And if the guy you nominated almost soley because “he’s a winner” loses, sure, you can blame the #NeverTrump crowd. But you picked the guy, and he lost.

At least I don’t really have to care about the next six months. We’re getting screwed either way. But it’s fine. Because people are angry, you see. So. Fine.