Octopath Trablahblah

I’ve been gaming a bit more in recent months (fanfare!) Never thought I’d find myself waking up at 5:30am to claim a little gaming time before the start of the day, but I guess if you want something you make time where you can, right?

Persona 3 FES cemented my like of the series (though it really didn’t live up to P4G), and Persona 5R has been solid so far. Even gave me a reason to dust off the Playstation 4.

But I’ve still got the Switch in rotation. It’s invaluable, the ability to play for a few minutes on the couch while the boy is occupied, or to plop down on the bed and relax briefly while he plays in the bath. I try not to do it too much; I know he’s watching me, and I don’t want him to always see me glued to a screen. But this is the most game time I’ve been able to carve out since he was just a little potato and I was on paternity leave. And this time I actually get to sleep, so bonus!

Anyway, I’ve been chipping away at Octopath Traveler. I wouldn’t be the first to opine about the wasted opportunity this game was, so I’ll skip that. Hopefully Triangle Strategy will see improved writing and character plotting.

I would like to take a moment to wonder about a relatively minor annoyance. I’m picking up the last available character, and the people in her village have an irksome way of speaking. It’s like an overexaggerated medieval style speech, along with weird spellings.

But why just this one village? The knight’s people didn’t talk like this.

And it was a localization choice. I’m playing with Japanese VA, and in Japanese these characters speak normally, without any speech oddities as far as I can tell. If the original Japanese script had wanted to convey this kind of speaking style, they probably would have thrown in a bunch of 「でござる」(degozaru)’s and such.

“Senseth?” Come on. This kind of thing doesn’t make or break a game, but it can blemish a gem. Again – here’s hoping Triangle Strategy avoids some of the mistakes of its “spiritual predecessor.”



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