“Ebola’s Back”, a Parody Lyrics Post

  • by Gitabushi

To the tune of “My Boyfriend’s Back” (Karaoke version, so you can sing along, here)

We thought we beat you but you hung around, waiting for a chance. And when nations wouldn’t follow epidemic protocols you did some things to people that weren’t very nice.
Ebola’s back and you’re gonna be in trouble.
(Hey, la-di-la, Ebola’s back.)
When you see them dyin’, better cut on the double.
(Hey, la-di-la, Ebola’s back.)
Obama made claims that were clearly untrue.
(Hey, la-di-la, Ebola’s back.)
Like you can’t get it from someone sittin’ next to you.
(Hey, la-di-la, Ebola’s back.)
And all the refugees are tryin’,
To reach the US while they’re dyin’
It’s been gone for an interval of time.
(Hey, la-di-la, Ebola’s back.)
Just long enough we all thought it would be fine.
(Hey, la-di-la, Ebola’s back.)
You’re gonna be sorry you were ever born.
(Hey, la-di-la, Ebola’s back.)
‘Cause you’ll vomit and ache from night till morn.
(Hey, la-di-la, Ebola’s back.)
All the countries that are cheatin’,
Spread the multi-orifice bleedin’.
What made you think it wouldn’t take Blue lives?
(Ah-oo, ah-oo.)
Gated communities are in for a surprise!
Wait and see!
Ebola’s back, open borders help transmission.
If I were you, I’d probably halt immigration.
(Hey, la-di-la, Ebola’s back.)
La-di-la, Ebola’s back!
La-di-la, Ebola’s back!

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